The Last Supper Cafe

Directed by Penny Cullers & Hal Dace


Terry Grayson’s mysterious life is interrupted by the death of her grandmother, causing her and her family to tailspin into self-reflection where each of them begins to examine their own sexuality and their place in the world, creating new pathways to relationships for each of them while the ghost of the grandmother watches the unfolding personal mysteries. Terry’s journey leads her to the darkest parts of herself, drowning the loss of her grandmother with Absinthe and thoughts of self harm. Terry is surprised to find herself falling in love for the first time in her life with her secretary Amy. Amy has her own struggles as she battles a lifetime of bi-polar disease and learns that there is more to life than heterosexuality and life as a secretary.  

Auditions Tuesday, June 12, 7-9pm

Here is the current list of open roles:

Lindsay Grayson (F-20's-40's)
Mary Grayson (F- 60's)
John Grayson (M-60's)
Bert Grayson (70's to 80's)

Mrs. Baker (20's to 40's)

Mrs. Janson (20's-50's)
Mrs. Johnson (20's-50's)

Bill (60's-70's)
Josh (30's-40's)
Peter (30's-40's)
Banker (30's to 60's)
Banker's wife (30's to 60's)
Tilisha (18+)
Paul (18+ )
Trans group members
extras (18+)