Thanks to generous gifts from community members, the Manhattan Arts Center (MAC) now has two small endowments with the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

At present, we are not actively seeking further donations towards our endowments as our need for operating funds takes precedence, but it is nevertheless available as a further option for donors.

MAC's First Endowment
Over the course of several years, Gene and Doris Grosh donated an enormous amount to the Manhattan Arts Center, not just in dollars but also in the form of time and their talents. In the late 1990s, they offered $100,000 as a challenge grant. The board at the time raised all but $10,000 of that amount.

When Gene passed away, it was this $10,000 that Doris wanted to donate, making up the sum to the amount of the donation she and Gene originally intended to make, allowing MAC to establish its first endowment.
Gene and Doris Grosh established the first endowment at the Manhattan Arts Center