Youth Art Classes

Youth Honors Academy: Drawing & Painting

Instructor: Mary Gordon McFall                 
Grades: 6-12
Day: Wednesdays                   
Dates: Sep 29-Dec 8 (10 weeks, no class Nov 24)
Times: 4:15-5:45pm              
Cost: $150 
In this class, students will be introduced to drawing and painting techniques through hands-on demonstrations. This will include learning how to “see well” through drawing warm-ups and exercises, still-life setups, and object studies. The class will develop a further understanding of basic elements and

principles of design, individual styles of expression, and a bit of art history. Weekly sketchbook practice outside of class is encouraged. No prior experience needed, but this class is for students motivated to learn about art and who can work independently.

Kids’ Art Club - Grades PreK4-K

Grades: PreK4-K
Days: Tuesdays Time: 4:30-5:30pm 
Dates: Session I–Sep 21-Oct 19 (5 weeks)
Session II–Nov 9-Dec 14 (5 weeks, no class Nov 23)
Cost: $80 per session
Develop fine motor and artistic skills in this drawing, painting, and mixed media class. Supplies provided. Max enrollment 8. Masks may be required.

Kids’ Art Club - Grades 1-2

Grades: 1-2
Days: Mondays
Time: 4:30-5:30pm 
Dates: Session I–Sep 20-Oct 18 (5 weeks)
Session II–Nov 8-Dec 13 (5 weeks, no class Nov 22) Cost: $80 per session
Develop your drawing, painting, and mixed media skills. Students practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to create art. Uses several mediums. Max enrollment 10. Masks may be required.

Kids' Art Club - Grades 3-5

Grades: 3-5
Days: Thursdays
Time: 4:30-5:30pm
Dates: Session I–Sep 16-Oct 21 (6 weeks)
Session II–Nov 4-Dec 16 (6 weeks, no class Nov 24) 
Cost: $80 per session
Develop your drawing, painting, and mixed media skills. Students practice hand-eye coordination, learn the ability to see objects as they are, and create art. Uses several mediums. Max enrollment 10. Masks may be required.

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Class enrollments are limited to allow for distancing.
Masks required and supplies are not shared.
All participants are asked to take a
COVID self-check before each class. 

Please call us with questions.

mini art
Youth scholarships are funded by a grant from the
  • Greater Manhattan Community Foundation

  • Yes! Fund

  • Generous MAC Donors

Art palette and brushes

Sasha Binder

Sasha Binder is a dedicated art educator with a BA in Art Education. Born and raised in Los Angeles, much of her art roots from her culture and identity. Specializing in mixed media has allowed her to embody different techniques and forms in her work. She's a passionate advocate for uplifting communities through art. 

Sasha will be teaching Kids' Art Club and After School Clay classes at MAC.