Invisible Lines & Two Weeks, Two Cases

February 19 - March 20, 2021

In the Kirmser Gallery:

Invisible Lines - Katharina Bossmann

Invisible Lines is an exploration of those boundaries we establish around us, be they natural borders, national borders, cultural limitations or even the restrictions during the pandemic and the longing to be free of them. Many forms of migration exist; some celebrated and others are censured. Inspired by the "murmurations" formed by bird migrations, Katharina Bossmann, in her MFA Thesis exhibition, layers etchings to create prints that show the freedom and movement of these peregrinations. Bossmann uses her Prints, Drawings and Artist's Books to illuminate and question the boundaries we place on ourselves and the desire to connect with others.

Morning Murmuring by Katharina Bossmann

Morning Murmuring by Katharina Bossmann

In the Edelman Gallery and Clarenburg Foyer:
Two Weeks, Two Cases - Luke Townsend

How small town Manhattan, Kansas adapted as the COVID-19 pandemic crept into middle America.

This project began as a response to becoming an unemployed photographer overnight. It was March, 13th, 2020, Friday the 13th to be clear. One year ago we were thrown into a new set of experiences we were all unprepared for, for which we had to react collectively. The country was shutting down faster than we could keep up. It took one week from Friday, March 13th, for the novel coronavirus to infiltrate Riley County, and two weeks for the second case to be confirmed. Townsend turned to documenting Manhattan in an attempt to weave through this new reality and gain some understanding of the impact this pandemic had on the people and place he calls home. Through the single frame we can understand the individual response, a piece by piece story of our community. By viewing the project as one entity, we can begin to examine the human condition by exploring how the emotion of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety can influence our collective cognitive process in times of crisis, creating an overlap of unity and division. A year later, as the coronavirus vaccine has begun its phased rollout in Manhattan, we can look back at those first two weeks and reflect on where we started, who we were, and how we’ve adapted.

Luke Townsend

Two weeks two cases Townsend_Luke 2021-02

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