Shape Stories & Bovinian Sideshow

July 10 - August 8, 2021
Meet the artists: Friday, July 9  5-7pm

In the Kirmser Gallery:

Shape Stories - Mary Gordon McFall

Mary Gordon McFall's body of work explores themes of play and place through the mediums of printmaking and collage. The gallery becomes a visual playscape inviting viewers to make subtle discoveries and connections through color and shape.
Mary Gordon McFall is a printmaker who lives and works in Manhattan, KS.

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Green Squeeze by Mary Gordon McFall

Green Squeeze by Mary Gordon McFall

In the Edelman Gallery:

Papa Moostouski's Bovinian Sideshow - Rodney L. Hoover

Rodney Hoover's inspiration comes from childhood memories of his grandparents' farm. As a visual composer, he creates outright "Cowraegous" bovine composites giving cattle personality through human body language as a whimsical escape from the monotony of reality.
Rodney Hoover is a digital artist living in rural Saint George, KS.

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All MAC gallery exhibits are free and open to the public.

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