Kyle Selley & Ben Parks and Otto Chanyakorn

August 28 - September 26, 2021
Meet the artists: Friday, Aug. 27  5-7pm

In the Kirmser Gallery:

Saturated Subconscious - Ben Parks & Kyle Selley

This spirited and thought-provoking duo-exhibition fills the walls with large, colorful paintings pairing brilliant portraits and fiery abstraction. Ben Parks' and Kyle Selley's artwork is united through color, scale, and motivation. The deep and vibrant shades of blue allow for a cohesive curation of visual intrigue. These monolithic paintings are first recognized from across the room and progressively provoke an engagement on an intimate level as minute details begin to reveal the artist's process. 
Ben Parks and Kyle Selley are artists living in the Kansas City, MO area.

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In the Clarenburg Foyer:

Ambience - Otto Chanyakorn

Chanyakorn's background in architecture helps him convey the beauty of buildings, cityscapes, and urban dynamics through light. By studying spaces at different times of the day he captures the intersection between light, time, and place. Chanyakorn uses his watercolor painting as a travelogue to reveal the mysteries and emotions of place.
Adulsak "Otto" Chanyakorn was born in Thailand and currently lives in Manhattan, KS. He is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at K-State.

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Midwest Way by Otto Chanyakorn

Midwest Way by Otto Chanyakorn

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