Montika Allen-Atkinson and Mark Clarke

January 15 - February 12, 2022

Meet the artists reception: January 14, 5-7pm

In the Kirmser Gallery:
The Story in the Thread by Montika Allen-Atkinson

Montika Allen-Atkinson made her first quilt at the age of ten when she sewed together nine patch blocks made of double knit fabrics and a combed cotton batting. The quilt was hand stitched and hand tied and included pieces of fabric from clothing items made by her mother.

Since that first quilt, Montika has continued to quilt and is open to trying new processes and techniques. She creates her own designs, dyes fabrics, incorporates embroidery and uses longarm quilting.

Martin Luther King, Jr. by Montika Allen-Atkinson

Martin Luther King Jr quilt by Montika Allen-Atkinson

In the Edelman Gallery:
Kansas in Three Acts by Mark Clarke

Thirty-five years after putting away his film camera, Mark Clarke purchased a digital camera and dove back into the photography world. In Mark's photography, he attempts to capture the nuances of a scene rather than just using light to report what can be seen by the casual observer. Capturing the beauty of the Great Plains in a monochrome image allows the viewer to study the subject more closely.

Portrait of an American Icon photograph by Mark Clarke

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