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MAC Gallery Application

  1. Type of Submission*

  2. If a group exhibit is proposed, please upload a list of all artists' names. Use the fields above to list the main contact person.

  3. Please give a brief description of your work including size, media, framing, and installation needs.

  4. Please provide us with a website link to images of work to be shown, photographs of work to be shown, or other materials that will help explain your work.

  5. If a group exhibit is proposed, please provide slides and statements from each artist.

  6. Returning Materials*

    Do you want your materials returned to you?

  7. Including a Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope*

    When submitting materials for review, please provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope to ensure timely return.

  8. To Submit Your Materials (in person or by mail)

    Please submit materials in person or via postal service to:
    Gallery Committee
    Manhattan Arts Center
    1520 Poyntz Avenue
    Manhattan, KS 66502

    (Note: We recommend including a copy of this application with your materials).

  9. What to Expect Next

    Submission deadline is August 1 to be considered for exhibition during the following calendar year. The Gallery Committee will review submissions during August and September. You will be contacted as soon as the committee has reviewed your work.

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