Friends of MAC

A Showing of Community Support

Friends donations represent a significant part of the Manhattan Arts Center's (MAC) budget. They are important not just for their monetary value, but also because they are an indication of community support of the Arts Center.
Stop by our office at 1520 Poyntz Avenue or phone 785-537-4420 to become a member today.

Donation Levels

Annual Friends donations help sustain MAC and provide rewarding arts opportunities for all area residents. Friends donations are renewed annually and can be made in the following categories:
  • Fan ($25 to $99)
  • Aficionado ($100 to $249)
  • Director ($250 to $499)
  • Master Artist ($500 to $999)
  • Maestro ($1,000 and up)
 For more information about Friends of MAC, please read the Friends of MAC Brochure.